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Mobile Doodle - hanger with magic wand, turtle, camera, and music notes hanging from it.

Worried about the future.
Overwhelmed by the present.
Somewhere in the past,
summer has come and gone.

Dreams and plans are slowed down
by shelter-in-place orders.
And when do I get to rest and lay my head
filled with the stuff that we could all use a moment to get rid of?
It’s all a blur with each day melding into the next
and I wonder about purpose.

Where have I been rushing to?
There is only time
and before we know it we will be back to the grind.
Just as quickly as Fall has rushed in
I will take a pledge to sustain ever fiber of my being by
taking it easy.

Embracing the #BlackGirlMagic
Slowing down
when everyone wants to speed up.
Connect my heart
to myself
and the ones I love.
Where is the joy?
art is everything.

Autumn may have raced in faster than I could count to three,
but I am ready to

Take It Easy.

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